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End-to-end lifecycle management that transforms
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Moblico and mCordis groundbreaking research study shows why, what and how consumers want to share their personal data to personalize in-app experiences.

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Deliver individual mobile user experiences through
targeted content and communication.

Learn how to engage and
retain your mobile users.

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Sports & Entertainment

San Francisco 49ers score with live, in-game texting app for fans


Hercules sends up-to-the-minute pricing & product specs with mobile app - Briefcase2Go


Royal Loyal app makes indie C-Stores & gas stations more competitive

Health & Fitness

Prairie Life Fitness helps their 30,000 members achieve goals through PerFit app


Sports Radio 810 scores 5M impressions on marketing campaign with "live stream" mobile app

Sports & Entertainment

New mobile platform wins Golf18 a 52% email opt-in rate and 188% click-thru

Sales Enablement

LitBoard app helps a marketing company stay competitive - providing its sales staff with literature instantly on iPad


Increasing engagement and sponsorships for the 2,500 members of the greater Kansas City Chamber


Making Grocery Shopping More Fun, Engaging

Enterprise Solutions

Mobile services add new revenue stream for prepaid distribution company

Consumer Products

Tamron’s mobile strategy builds lifetime relationship with photographers


Boosting attendance at sporting events with the Warriors Mobile app


FINDit App lets customers preview new places to eat, drink, shop, and play!


HVAC techs offer better, faster service with mobile resource channel


Increasing student participation at college functions


Over 25,000 Companies Engage Mobile Users with Moblico

How to Deliver Personalized Content Your App Users Will Love

A new study of US consumer smartphone and tablet users aged 13-65 reveals consumers are willing to share personal information with their preferred app providers and those companies with whom they already have an existing relationship to improve their engagement with that company.

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5 Steps to Developing a Successful App

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