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Convert your digital channels into money generating solutions for your business. Leverage the your digital mobile apps to generate revenues from payments, sponsorships, memberships and advertising. Your marketing data can also be a surprisingly valuable source of potential revenue for your organization.

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Generate new revenues for your company.

Digital Mobile apps generate valuable user data that can be monetized through various methods. Data generated by apps about their users can range from being demographics to in-market data (i.e. in – market for a car). This data can be sold through behavioral data exchanges and used by advertisers to target their online media campaigns. Mobile apps can also generate revenue from their push opt-in programs by helping to bring in offline data associated with users during this process.


User Opt-In Registration

Build successful opt-in user lists

Display Ads

Integrate interstitial, promo and banner ads

User Authentication

Control content and communications by individual users

Mobile Payments

Incorporate payment solutions in your app

Profile Builder

Append customer demographic, social and lifestyle data

User Data

Resell or lease your app user data

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