Touchdown with fan loyalty app

Touchdown with fan loyalty app

Connecting Better with Fans

The San Francisco 49ers were looking for a new way to connect with fans—and enhance the “live” game experience. They partnered with Moblico to design a free in-game promotion app that works on an Android or iPhone. The app uses text messaging to cleverly connect with fans during a football game.

Enhancing “Live” Game Experience

For fans who opt in to the program, they receive text messages from the team throughout the game, while they’re sitting inside the stadium or tailgating in the parking lot. The app asks them trivia questions, survey questions, or to vote on their favorite beverage or player. Fans can text their replies back to the original message, and 1 person from the winning group receives a prize.

Sponsors Win Big

Text messages to fans include sponsor branding, and sponsors also get mentioned in reply texts. The 49ers now have the opportunity to send sponsor coupons to fans as a “thank you” for participating—so not only do fans get prizes and special deals, but sponsors can now market directly to the participants.

One-to-One Relationship with Fans

This gives sponsors the unique opportunity to not only get direct feedback on their marketing dollars—since they can track exactly which fans cash in their coupons and rewards—but also to build a direct connection with each participating fan, creating a better overall investment.




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November 16, 2016

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