Q:  Is it possible to build long-term relationships with customers through a mobile app?

A:  Yes, absolutely.

How do you create the type of solid relationship with your customers that keeps them coming back—year after year?

It’s not hard.  It just requires a little planning, and a solid strategy.

Here are 3 easy steps to building long-term relationships with your customers.

Step #1—Get to know your customers.

I mean, at the grassroots level.  Ask yourself:  who are my customers?  What do they want?  Get them to share their personal data with you.  Examine their basic demographic data, and create customer profiles for each main group of customers that you interact with.  (For more info on how and when customers share personal data, check out our FREE study of 1,050 mobile smart phone and tablet users, Consumer Attitudes to Privacy, Permission, and Personalization.)

Step #2—Measure customer behavior.

Get as much data as possible for each customer profile you’ve created.  Use a solid, back-end data analysis and reporting tool on your mobile platform—to do a few aggregate searches on what each customer profile group is buying, when they’re buying it, and where.  (For help with mobile platforms, click here.)

Step #3—Design a solid communications strategy.

Once you know who’s buying from you, create a 12-month communications plan for each customer profile you’ve created—making sure to touch each group at least once per month with push notifications, coupons, rewards, and deals.  Vary the mix of communications for the best results.

See the full article from Mobile Marketer here.


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