If people are downloading your app but not really engaging with it, then adding gamification could be the key to building mobile moments for your followers. Gartner predicts that by next year, 70 percent of Global 2000 organizations will provide at least one gamified app. Gamification can re-energize your flagging mobile app strategy in three major ways.

1. Give Back to Your Audience

You are using your mobile app to track the behavior of its users. In exchange for their data, you should give something back to your followers. GSummit chairman Gabe Zicherman says that your followers want four things from your organization: status, access, power, and stuff. These items, which marketers discuss using the acronym SAPS, should shape the way you construct your game. For example, when a game within a football team’s mobile app lets a fan unlock the chance to meet a star player, the fan gains exclusive access and a sense of status from playing the game.

2. Create a Sense of Community Around Your Brand

When your followers play your in-app game together and talk about the game on their social networks, they start to build a sense of community around your brand. Joining that community gives new followers access to a unique experience, and being in the community imparts a sense of social status. Once they have joined the community, continue leveraging the game to give them a desired result. For example, if users discover badges every time they shop at particular locations and then earn rewards after acquiring a certain number of badges, then your in-app game helps them associate your brand with a feeling of empowerment.

3. Make Your Mobile App Enjoyable

Your app is competing against a lot of other apps. The Google Play store alone has more than 1.38 million apps available for download. Not only does your mobile app compete against other apps, it also competes against all the other ways that your audience can spend their time. Gamification simply makes your app fun to use. By enhancing the user experience, you will increase the time that people spend using your app.

If your mobile app stalled on the launchpad instead of rocketing into the stratosphere, let gamification reignite your mobile app engagement strategy.

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