It’s not hard to entice consumers to share their personal data with you. You just have to know what motivates them to do it.

Why is that consumer data so important? Because you can use it to build customer profiles to create killer personalized mobile marketing campaigns—that generate a big return on investment (ROI).

In our study of 1,050 mobile smart phone and tablet users of all ages, Consumer Attitudes to Privacy, Permission, and Personalization, co-sponsored with mCordis in June 2015, we discovered that consumers will share their personal data with you—but only if you make it worth their while.

Your customers will share data with you if you:

  • Offer them relevant product/service discounts or coupons. The key word here? Relevant. Make sure your offer is personalized to the consumer by using buying history data from your mobile app’s platform.
  • Give them incremental loyalty rewards. In our study, we found that 23.71% of consumers were “very likely” to share personal profile information for the opportunity to receive rewards. Homemakers and full-time workers are most interested in receiving additional loyalty rewards.
  • Allow them to personalize the look and feel of the app. The ability to personalize app features is definitely more interesting to millennials than any other age segment. 44% are either “somewhat” or “very likely” to provide personal information for that capability, versus 35% of the population overall, and only 21% in the 55+ age category.
  • Send them relevant information while they browse online or in a store. This may be on-the-spot coupons in a brick-and-mortar store, using technology like iBeacon, or it could be online targeted marketing. It could even be a timely push notification. In our study, we found that Black and Hispanic consumer groups trends slightly higher than other cultural groups on their willingness to provide personal info in exchange for relevant targeted offers while browsing.

For more information, download our FREE whitepaper, Consumer Attitudes to Privacy, Permission, and Personalizationpublished with mCordis in June 2015.

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