Launching a new app can be scary. We’ve invested a lot of time and money into it. So how can you prevent your new app from failing?

After working in the app industry for years, here are the 6 most common errors that we see—and that you can easily prevent, with just a little bit of planning.

Reason #1—The app doesn’t meet customer needs.

Don’t just replicate your website in an app. Study your customers, and find out what they need. How? By observing them, talking to them, asking questions.

Reason #2—Failing to define your business goals at the start.

Your app is more likely to be successful if you define your business goals up front. Decide now if you want the app to increase product sales, improve brand awareness, or bring more people into your store.

Reason #3—Failing to create a post-launch communications strategy.

Lots of businesses do a great job of designing an app—then stop. But post-launch communications are the most important part of the whole app development process. Design an engagement strategy to communicate with your target clients at least 1x/month—through push notifications, alerts, text messages, rewards, freebies, or deals.

Reason #4—Your organization is not on board with app launch.

Every person at your company should be able to talk to customers about the app and its benefits. That includes cashiers, sales staff, customer support, IT, and executives.

Reason #5—Boring, stale content.

Boredom is a killer in an app. Plan to change up your content at least 4x/year to keep it fresh.

Reason #6—Nobody knows about it.

Communicate the news about your new app to users for at least 12 months after release. Better yet, reward them for downloading it. For example: “Download our FREE app—and get $5 off a new t-shirt!”

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