Mobile app marketers and developers now have a new option to help them reach audiences of app users with targeted, relevant, and compelling communications. Moblico has rolled out a feature called A/B Plus Testing which allows for the simultaneous deployment of different variations of content to user segments, giving you the opportunity to see which versions achieve your business objectives most effectively. Knowing which communications resonate with users lets you plan effective mobile app marketing campaigns as part of an integrated marketing strategy.

According to the American Marketing Association, A/B Testing is “randomly showing a visitor one…version of (content) and tracking the changes in behavior based on the version they saw.” Whereas A/B Testing typically involves only two variations, Moblico’s A/B Plus Testing allows for multiple variations. You can assign one variation as the “control” and other variations as the “variables” with one design or copy element changed. This way, you can measure the effectiveness of your communications objectively and quantitatively.

An example would be if you wanted to send a push notification advertising a discount for one of your products to a certain segment of your mobile app users. You could come up with several variations of the same communication and see which one does the best job leading to the behavior you want whether it be click-throughs, shares, filling out a form, purchasing an item, or any other type of conversion. You can distribute message variations equally across a selected segment (e.g., 50/50), or mix it up and send one message to the majority of your users and the rest of the messages to the remaining users in the segment (e.g., 60/20/20). This allows you to get exactly the kind of data you need to inform your mobile app communication strategy.

“This is something that’s virtually unheard of in the mobile app marketing industry,” said Jim Barnes, CTO at Moblico. “We wanted to really focus on empowering marketers, developers, and owners of mobile apps to optimize their messages and get the response rates they want.”

Pierre Barbeau, CEO at Moblico, concurred by saying, “Mobile marketing today is part of a concept called the ‘Mobile Mind Shift’ where consumers expect to be able to get the information, products, and services they need immediately with the help of their mobile devices. A/B Plus Testing helps marketers to meet this demand for instant gratification by allowing them to plan communication strategies that stand out in the users’ immediate context and drive their purchasing behavior.”

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