Marketers know that the key to an effective integrated marketing strategy is to engage audiences with messages that are compelling and relevant to their interests. After all, nobody wants to be bothered with things they don’t care about, right? The cool thing about mobile app marketing communications is that you can send contextual, targeted messages to groups of app users based on their characteristics and behavior. And, you can automate the whole process without having to constantly reinvent sliced bread. To illustrate how this can help you create personalized experiences for app users, let’s look at this story about two people, Penny and Angela.

Penny is a 21-year-old college student. She likes to go to nightclubs downtown on the weekends, and she downloaded an app to keep track of local social events.

Whenever she arrives at a club, she receives a push notification on her phone alerting her to that night’s drink specials. When she buys tickets to an event through the app, she gets an email confirmation with tickets she can print out or a QR code she can scan at the door to get in. She also receives a text message the day of the event reminding her about it. If she has a big test to study for and she can’t go out one weekend, the app sends her a push notification inviting her to her favorite club next weekend with a deal to get in for no cover charge. This whole process is automated, and Penny receives these communications based on triggers related to her behavior.

Angela is Penny’s mom and she’s a 52-year-old business executive. She frequents bookstores in the suburbs and is a voracious reader of books about business management. She downloaded a bookstore’s app to read and share book reviews, to order books online, and to buy eBooks.

Whenever she enters the bookstore, she receives a push notification informing her of new business books she might like based on her previous purchases. Thirty days after she purchases a book, she receives an email asking her to review it on the store’s website with a $5 electronic gift card as an incentive. She decides to write a review and receives the gift card through a push notification, but since she doesn’t want to buy anything else right now, she saves it in her push inbox to use later. She could also share the $5 gift card with her daughter, Penny, to use on a book for school. By doing this, Angela would earn points to use for future discounts through the app’s loyalty program and gamification.

One day, she orders a book through the app and receives an order confirmation through her email. When it’s ready for her to pick up at the store, she receives a text message to let her know it’s there. If she forgets, she’ll get a push notification reminder with an option to download it as an eBook instead. The whole experience is bespoke to Angela’s preferences and behaviors without the marketer or app developer having to do anything once the process is set up.

Marketers are able to use apps to customize the experiences for Penny and Angela by observing their in-app behavior to segment them based on who they are, what they do with their apps, where they are when they use the apps, when they use the apps, and why. This information can then be applied to a communications strategy that sends messages according to their behaviors, as in “if Penny does X with her app, then she receives message Y as a result.” One could even perform A/B testing with differently worded messages sent to people in the same segment as Penny or Angela to determine the best ways to engage them in a conversation.

Pretty soon, everybody’s smart phone will be like a personal life-hacking tool with customized app marketing communications that are directly relevant to our interests. You know what this means? Someday spam will be a thing of the past, except the kind you get in the grocery store. That stuff lasts forever.


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