There are many different use case examples for the Briefcase2Go. This infographic represents one company using the Digital Briefcase concept in order to more effectively manage the usage of important sales and marketing materials across its multiple locations and sales teams.

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Let’s take a look at some of the numbers that define what makes Hercules Industries a good fit for Moblico’s Briefcase2Go product (read case study).

1 Company

Hercules Industries is one of America’s most efficient and dependable manufacturers and
wholesale distributors of high-quality HVAC systems, components, and equipment. Founded in Denver, Colorado in 1962, they are now one of the largest companies of their type in the Western U.S.

12 Sales Centers

Hercules offers so many different products that it’s a challenge to keep pricing and product literature current throughout their staff of 12 distribution centers and 50 salespeople—especially when they are on the road. So they contacted Moblico to help them find a way to make the most current marketing materials and prices available to every salesperson, every day.

50 Sales Staff

Now the sales manager has full control over the content being presented to prospects, and knows that customers are seeing the right pricing. Better yet, he can send push notifications and texts to the entire team about price changes and new products. He can also use the app to monitor the team’s physical location—making sure that they are meeting sales goals, and rewarding them for good performance.

1,000’s of Unique Products

The company sells things like A/C units and accessories, evaporative coolers, coiled steel, spiral pipe, sheet metal, zoning systems, duct systems, and heating systems. Moblico created a “digital briefcase” that can operate on the sales staff’s smartphones or tablets. It carries all of the most current, up-to-the- minute product and pricing info on their thousands of products—as well as all their PowerPoint presentations, sales flyers, line cards, and spec sheets for customer meetings.

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