Broadcast Texting delivers your message instantly to targeted audiences with 98% open rates

Talking is out. Texting is in. People have grown accustom to their unlimited texting plans and rather text and call. Proof is voice calls now ranks only as the 5th most used app on mobile phones! In fact, text messaging open rates (98%) far outperform email open rates (20%).Text and picture messaging is fast and can be done on your own time. Both parties involved in text and picture messaging can multi-task and stay on top of the conversation. Give your customers time back and increase your speed of service and productivity with texting and pictures to landline. 

Product Benefits

Instant Delivery

90% of text messages are read within 10 minutes. Communicate location hour changes, special events, and more.

Weekly Promotions

Exclusive offers made via text outperform other offers by 400%. Text sponsored product specials, incentives, and discounts.

Build Database

Keep customer and employee opt-in mobile phone numbers to maintain open lines of instant communication.

Product Features

Manage Users

Build a list of opt-in customers and employees with profile attributes.

Group Users

Manager customers and employees based on customizable group descriptions.

Segment Users

Segment users based on demographic, location, behavior and transaction data.


Deliver personalized communications based on data attributes.


Send messages instantly, schedule in time or triggered by any data metric.


Generate sponsor campaigns with exclusive offers from supplier partners.