Business Texting speeds up service and increases sales with text, picture and document messaging.

Talking is out. Texting is in. People have grown accustomed to their unlimited texting plans and rather text than call. Its faster and easier. Proof is voice calls now ranks only as the 5th most used app on mobile phones! Text and picture messaging is fast and can be done on your own time. Both parties involved in text, picture and document messaging can multi-task and stay on top of the conversation. Give your customers time back and increase your speed of service and productivity by sharing text messages, pictures and documents to mobile phones.

Product Benefits

  • Use existing numbers
  • Increase speed of service 
  • Reduce calls and wait times
  • Quick to learn and utilize
  • Validate detailed information
  • Give clients/team time back
  • Archive digital conversations

For Distributors

  • Check if products are in stock
  • Request a product quote 
  • Quickly order for pick up or delivery
  • Troubleshoot problems in the field
  • Support any customer request

For Dealers

  • Confirm service appointments
  • Review pictures to solve problems
  • Support customer service anytime, anywhere
  • Send promotional offers to targeted customers

Product Features

  • Inbound / Outbound
  • Text, Pictures and Documents
  • Auto-Responses
  • Quick Replies
  • Team Workflow
  • Assign to Agent
  • Email and Text Alerts
  • Annotate and Archive

Sample Communications

“Do you have this in stock?”

“Need this actuator soon as possible please”

“Are these available for pickup or delivery?”