Team Moblico

Team Moblico

Business Texting Reduces Maintenance Turnover by 4%

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Pompano Beach, FL

12 employees


For GMC Air Conditioning Services, reaching customers on the phone could be hard, especially during standard business hours.

By offering business texting, they wanted to offer another form of communication that would be quick and easy for their customers.


Once the decision had been made to use business texting, the implementation process took about a day. They received a link with their credentials and was able to set up an onboarding call to receive training right away. Customers were notified of the new texting option when they called in and an option to chat was added to their website.


The greatest impact has been on residential maintenance, reducing turnover from 20% to 16% and it continues to improve. A maintenance plan creates a long-term customer so they’re the ones you call when they have an emergency or need an install. In less than ten months they closed over 500 conversations.

Though it started out as a customer communication tool, it’s also become an important tool for their team. Technicians in the field can text images and information back from their location, a cleaner way than adding the info to their dispatching system. Parts can be ordered, and questions can get an immediate response, showing a greater sense of urgency for customers.

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