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The Dynamics of Strategic Negotiation: Sharpen Skills with this Workshop

This post was originally published on this site While many organizations invest in resources that teach their sales team how to become more effective at selling, this type of training doesn’t usually address another skill that’s critical to success – negotiating. That’s why the SPARXiQ team will be holding the Dynamics of Strategic Negotiation Workshop […]

Scott Costa is Shaking Things Up: Launches DistributED with tED Magazine Podcast

This post was originally published on this siteScott Costa, the publisher of tED Magazine, wants to get your attention. And, he’s chosen an increasingly popular and convenient channel to do so. He’s recently released the podcast, DistributED with tED magazine. “I think it’s time to join the podcasts in a different way for a massive […]

The Market Data Program: Ensuring Your Information is Safe and Secure

This post was originally published on this site In this age of information, knowledge is power. The Market Data Program can help you gain a foothold in the ever-changing business landscape by helping you harness this power. Yet, security is a critical concern when it comes to sharing the needed data. We posed three questions […]

The NAED PAR Report Now Available

This post was originally published on this siteThe latest NAED PAR Report® has been released! And, based on the performance data compiled, the average electrical distributor saw sales growth increase last year. According to the 2019 report which measured performance in 2018, the typical respondent reported positive sales growth of 5.2% and a 3.7% profit […]

LEAD Conference Focuses on Powerful Skills Leaders Need Now

This post was originally published on this site 1. To start off, what is emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence is our ability to recognize and manage emotions in ourselves and to appropriately influence others.  2. Why is emotional intelligence so important in business today? Many companies are realizing the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace. […]

5 Questions with Rock Kuchenmeister, General Manager, K/E Electric Supply Corp

This post was originally published on this site1. In terms of your company, what are you most proud of? There are a lot of things we do for the community. Most importantly, we provide quality jobs to some fantastic people, working together to build our local community. The key to building a community with the […]

Innovation Inspiration with Diana Kander – Creating a Culture of Innovation

This post was originally published on this site You want your associates to be innovative. But how do you create a culture that encourages innovation? To start, ask yourself the following questions: Are you recognizing and encouraging innovation? Does your leadership model curiosity and innovation? Are you providing continuing education that promotes curiosity and innovation? […]

Innovation Inspiration with Diana Kander – Creating Value

This post was originally published on this site How do you get your customers to listen? The secret is to create value for them. Yet, how is that accomplished? Value isn’t an object or a commodity. Diana discusses the best way to generate ideas and actions that lead to creating value. [embedded content] If you […]

90 Seconds with Scott Costa & Scott Germeraad

This post was originally published on this site The LEAD Conference is open for registration. Who should attend? What will attendees learn? Scott Germeraad from Springfield Electric Supply Company and Chair of the 2019 NAED LEAD Conference in Nashville, TN, talks with Scott Costa, the  Publisher of tED Magazine in a 90-second rapid fire Q […]

Innovation Inspiration with Diana Kander – Overcome Fear of Failure

This post was originally published on this site Today Diana discusses a common fear that paralyzes people from launching innovating pursuits – the fear of failure. Diana will discuss not only how to conquer this fear but help you understand how failure can play a part in your future, successful entrepreneurial endeavors. [embedded content] If you […]