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cfm Distributors is a Midwest provider of sustainable heating, cooling, and refrigeration solutions for home, office, and industry. With an offering of major brands that include York, Coleman, and Honeywell, cfm has a fairly broad base of HVAC/R contractors that it works with. cfm’s core values have always included empowering staff to excel, which means it is constantly striving for new and innovative ways to make that happen. The company recognized that mobile could be a part of this effort, so it tapped Moblico to craft a mobile-based strategy that would further support its field contractors.cfm1

How Moblico Distributed Mobile – cfm Contractors Instantly Embraced the cfm Mobile App

Moblico offers a comprehensive mobile engagement, loyalty and monetization platform. cfm challenged Moblico to devise a mobile-based resource channel that would empower cfm field contractors to offer even more effective and efficient service, as well as help tie them closer to cfm support. Moblico set out to create a cfm-dedicated app that would be a destination for both cfm and cfm contractors to exchange information, but more importantly, provide cfm contractors an on-demand knowledge base that offered everything they needed to successfully support customers. cfm contractors instantly embraced the cfm mobile app as soon as it launched. They have quick access to common technical support/troubleshooting information, can matchup an indoor unit with the outdoor unit in a matter of seconds, can easily contact any of cfm’s locations directly from the app, and see all of cfm’s upcoming training classes and special events. Additionally, cfm rewards its mobile app users by sending them special offers exclusively for them. These special offers are delivered through a text message from the backend system each Monday, and cfm is able to measure the effectiveness of these offers through Moblico’s comprehensive analytics.

Straight From the Client

“The Moblico-designed mobile strategy was a success for us from the get go. The biggest benefit for cfm was that it improved the efficiency of our company and our customers’ companies,” said Lauren Roberts, Vice President, Marketing, cfm Distributors, Inc. “With Moblico, we have been able to connect with and support our dealers’ technicians by giving them instant access to our product manuals to help them sale our products and troubleshoot right from the palm of their hands. Our smart push weekly marketing campaigns have also helped increase sales at our stores through the region. Our future expansion plans include enabling contractors to purchase items from our storefront through the cfm mobile app. In the meantime, the mobile program by Moblico has really had a positive impact across the board.”

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