Is it possible for one small gas station in Missouri to compete against the big chain retailers—like QT and BP?

Yep.  And they’re doing it with a mobile app.

Introducing Babir Sultan—the founder of Royal Loyal, and the owner of the FavTrip convenience stores.  After realizing that 75% of his revenue was coming from inside store sales—rather than from gas—he knew he needed a better way to compete for customer dollars.

So he built a mobile app called Royal Loyal that his customers could use on their smartphones to get deals for items in the store—like beverages, snacks, and even dry goods like t-shirts.

The app gave him a solid competitive advantage on in-store sales, but he wanted to do more.  Sultan wanted to not only increase sales, but also build long-term customer loyalty.

Sultan worked with Moblico to enhance the app’s capabilities, adding Facebook sign-in for ease of use, geosensing capability, and text marketing.  And new iBeacon technology can even give customers on-the-spot coupons for products as they browse.

For example, if a customer lingers over a particular t-shirt in the store, a Bluetooth-enabled chip on the shelf can “wake up” the Royal Loyal app on her smartphone to offer a 30% off coupon—right on the spot.

The app now has 1,100 regular users and 4,000 organic downloads, with 25% of the users considered “highly active.”  But Royal Loyal is not only helping Sultan’s stores compete—it’s now available to 12,000 other indie gas and convenience stores across the nation through epay, giving them a killer competitive advantage when dealing with chains like QT.

For the complete Royal Loyal case study, click here.  [we need to insert the URL to the Royal Loyal case study – when it’s up on the website]


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