Congratulations, you just got someone to download and register to use your app. This is the first step to building a relationship and getting to know who they are so you can market to them effectively. However, the average American smart phone user has downloaded 42 apps, but 87 percent of them only frequently use 10 or fewer. How do you make your app among the ones they use often?

The answer is to make your app as valuable to the user as possible because it’s personalized for them. The idea is that the more customized an app is to the user’s interests, the more habitual the use of the app will become for them. The cool thing about having a mobile app marketing platform is your ability to keep users engaged with rewards as part of a loyalty program. And you can tailor the experience to make it customized to the interests of specific individuals based on information they gave during registration, analytics of how they use the app, and data appended from their social media profiles.

But hey, let’s not get bogged down in the details. Let’s think about what matters most: making sure your app users receive the value and services they demand to keep them engaged. Here are three ways to drive loyalty and engagement with your mobile app:

Context-based customized experiences

You can give users “just in time and place” experiences by sending push notifications that are directly relevant to their current context. For example, app users at a football game could receive a notification letting them know that hotdogs are discounted or that they can win a free seat upgrade by participating in a drawing. Or, customers in a store can receive a notification that the jeans on the display they just walked past are discounted just for them today only. This information pulls the user back into the app while providing value at the same time.

 Point-based achievements

You can incentivize people by rewarding them with points every time they use your app to engage with your brand, then letting them cash in those points to earn rewards. Let’s say someone checks in at one of your stores; they get five points – boom. Let’s say someone buys something through your app; they get 10 points – bam. Let’s say someone shares your blog post on social media through your app; they get 15 points – I’m running out of words for explosions, but you get the point. You can reward any in-app actions with points that the user can then use to get valuable stuff you know they want based on their past purchases or behavior.

 Frequency-based communications

Life inundates all of us with distractions, and it’s no different for your app users. You can keep users loyal by reaching out to them with customized messages based on the frequency of their app usage and other consumer behavior.

So, if they haven’t used your app lately, you can send a push message that says something like, “Haven’t seen you for a while, there’s a discount waiting for you if you sign in soon.” You could do the same thing to encourage them to come back to your store if they haven’t visited recently. Conversely, if they always use your app or visit your store often, you can reward them with a frequent-user discount through a push message or an email. The best part is that a mobile app marketing platform automates all of this so you can “set and forget” communication triggers without having to monitor them or come up with unique messages all the time.

To get the most value out of your app, you need to find ways to keep your users engaged. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to capture their interest and keep them coming back with fun games, incentives, and targeted communications based on their behaviors. So, who’s up for a round of trivia?


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