cfm Distributors is a distributor of sustainable heating, cooling, and refrigeration solutions. As the Midwest’s employee-owned distributor, they offer York, Coleman, Bohn, Reznor, Daikin, Bard, Johnson Controls and Honeywell products as well as many other brands of HVAC/R parts and supplies.

cfm Distributors started working with Moblico in 2011. They were looking for a way to better communicate and connect with their end-users, the technicians at their dealer’s locations, who were often left out of communication due to the nature of the distributor-dealer relationship. cfm Distributors knew if they could reach those technicians they could drive sales and increase loyalty to their manufacturers.

Challenge 1: Identify the technicians buying their products

Moblico created a mobile app that allowed cfm Distributors to identify and communicate with the technicians. The app provided them the knowledge of what products are available to fix problems in the field. Moblico created an easy-to-use text messaging solution for cfm Distributors for technicians to sign up for information, news and updates via the app.

Challenge 2: Increase engagement

cfm Distributors was pleased with the level of rapport with the technicians using the Moblico app, but decided they were ready for a deeper level of engagement. In turn, Moblico created a loyalty program with rewards and added beacons to their dealers to drive foot traffic.

How Moblico Did It: The Details

Moblico developed an app specifically tailored to cfm Distributors’ objectives. cfm Distributors now has a weekly text and email “special” sent to their app users, which are segmented into groups. Each special is valid for that week and features one product that is available to all customers.

This program utilized the following features:

  • Opt-in push notifications
  • Text
  • Email
  • iBeacons
  • Segmentation
  • Analytics
  • Loyalty program

Bottom Line: The Results

cfm Distributors is the cutting edge leader in the HVAC/R industry and has seen increases in both their revenues and user base. Their dealer traffic has increased, and the use of iBeacon technology makes it easier to deliver product suggestions to the appropriate buyers. Through these weekly specials, the messaging campaigns have delivered 700% ROI using the Moblico platform.

In addition, analytics reported from the last 12 months feature:

  • 64% opt-in for email
  • 47% opt-in for text
  • 52% opt-in for push notifications

Straight From the Client

“The Moblico-designed mobile strategy was a success for us from the get go. The biggest benefit for cfm was that it improved the efficiency of our company and our customers’ companies,” said Lauren Roberts, Vice President, Marketing, cfm Distributors, Inc. “With Moblico, we have been able to connect with and support our dealers’ technicians by giving them instant access to our product manuals to help them sale our products and troubleshoot right from the palm of their hands. Our smart push weekly marketing campaigns have also helped increase sales at our stores through the region.  Our future expansion plans include enabling contractors to purchase items from our storefront through the cfm mobile app. In the meantime, the mobile program by Moblico has really had a positive impact across the board.”

Improve Your Business With Moblico

Moblico is the go-to solution for marketers and app developers. Whether you want a simple app to connect with end-users, or are looking for a comprehensive solution, Moblico can recommend features to solve your needs. Contact us to learn more.


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