Moblico Case Study - ePayBackground

epay, a Division of Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT), is a global prepaid product provider and distribution network. epay’s prepaid store division enables partners such as retailers and mobile phone carriers to sell a suite of gift cards, mobile top-up and digital content. epay has realized great success with this business model, but wanted to be able to offer an added revenue stream by leveraging mobile. epay tasked Moblico with devising a method for this game-changing strategy.

Moblico Empowers Real-Time Segmentation and Targeted Communications

Moblico offers a comprehensive mobile engagement, loyalty and monetization platform. epay did not want to merely offer a mobile prepaid purchasing option; it wanted to add value that included incentives and loyalty rewards. ePay determined Moblico’s platform possessed robust features and functionality that could create a beneficial add-on to what’s traditionally a minor transaction.

Taking a “white label” approach, Moblico created a mobile app that epay could ”plug into,” offering retailer or carrier customers the ability to make pre-paid transactions such a mobile top-up and other self-serve activities. Retailers and carriers are further empowered to create a personalized strategy that makes the most business sense for them and their relationships with customers. For example, a retailer can create a points-based loyalty program, offer incentives by proposing deals that encourage additional purchases tied to consumers’ phone needs, or they can offer other items retailers might want consumers to try based on the type of retailer they are (i.e.- Convenient store offers a discount on a beverage if a consumer buys 20 more prepaid phone minutes).

A carrier could send users a low-balance alert and offer an incentive for adding more text messages. (i.e.- Carrier alerts consumer about nearing their maximum text message allotment. The carrier then offers the consumer a $10 discount on phone minutes if they purchase additional texts within the next hour.)

By integrating with Moblico, epay is able to offer its customers a direct value-add channel that generates both loyalty and revenue, boosting the relationship between the retailer/ carrier and consumers.

Straight from the Client

“Integrating mobile into our services has been extremely effective,” Charnsin Tulyasathien Director of Product and Marketing, epay. “The sky’s the limit with Moblico’s platform. There are so many creative ways our customers can benefit and profit, but best of all, the mobile app keeps consumers closely tied with our customers. We are always looking for ways to help our customers succeed and we believe this is one of our strongest initiatives yet – particularly because our customers are all able to personalize their mobile channel based on their unique needs.”

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