One of the core principles of marketing is that you’ve got to know your audience, and this is especially true in mobile app marketing. That’s because mobile app users want content and information they can use to get what they want immediately. This brings up the growing importance of brand authenticity in marketing, which means drilling down to know your customers on an individual basis and giving them specifically what they want, when they want it, and where they want it.

Fortunately, there’s a lot you can learn about your app users both demographically and psychographically when they register to use your app. Then you can plan strategies to engage with them in ways they’ll find relevant and interesting, and that will drive increased revenues for your products and services. Here’s a quick guide to getting to know your customers and adding value to them right away during app registration:

Step 1: Ask the right questions –

The app registration process is just like the “getting to know you” phase at the beginning of a relationship. Imagine you’re at a cocktail party and you just met someone you find interesting for whatever reason. What do you do to get to know them? You ask questions, of course. In this context, the questions you ask should be geared towards giving the user the kind of app experience they want: How often do they want to receive push notifications? What sort of information do they want to receive compared to what’s available?

Other questions you ask could be more relevant to planning an integrated marketing strategy. For instance, a publisher might ask what types of content a user would want emailed to them regularly. Also, when you let your users register through their social media profiles, it saves them the hassle of registration time and makes it easy for you to append your data about them based on their publicly shared information.

Step 2: Organize and segment your contacts according to their answers

The information you capture about app users when they register should populate a database. You can then use your database to enable you to learn about individual contacts as well as groups that share the same characteristics. This will help you get to know your app users so you can communicate with them effectively with relevant information they’ll want to receive because it adds value to their daily lives and helps them accomplish their goals. Then, you can segment them into subgroups with the same characteristics and in-app behaviors to create triggers that automate your app communications.

For example, if you’re a publisher you could use the information users gave you during registration to send them push notifications about blogs or articles that are relevant to topics they care about. You could even A/B test segments of people who have the same interests to see which type of content they prefer to consume and share with their social networks. The point is to use your database to create bespoke experiences for individuals and to automate the process so you don’t have to constantly monitor and adjust it.

Step 3: Engage with content that’s fun, interesting, and relevant

Right off the bat, you want to engage with app users in fun and interesting ways when they register. For example, you can offer a free subscription or eBook as part of a loyalty program to encourage people to share content after they sign up for your publishing app. You can also invite people to participate in games or drawings to win prizes once they fill out the registration form. No matter what, you should take advantage of this opportunity to immediately reinforce their decision to register with value-adding offers and content relevant to their interests.

Getting users to register is the first part of branding your company through your app, so you’ll want to make it a valuable experience for them and for you as well. You can accomplish this if you immediately engage them in fun ways after organizing the data you collected when they registered.


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