Understanding how and why customers make purchasing decisions is a key part of any marketing strategy, and this is especially true in an age when practically everybody is using a mobile device as their primary communication tool. Moblico enables businesses to obtain these insights while communicating with customers on their terms in ways that resonate with them as individuals. One example of how this can work is with the neighborhood market chain Hen House.

In light of the growing influence of mobile technology on food purchasing decisions, Hen House needed a mobile app marketing strategy to maximize value for its customers. Moblico was there with a solution that was above and beyond anything offered by its competition and that was totally unique in the marketplace, according to Hen House Marketing Coordinator Lindy Zimmerman.

I like to refer to Moblico as ‘Brain Quest’ because they’re smart, they’re innovative, and they’re not afraid to think outside the box. They know what they’re doing and they know how to make it happen,” she said.

Hen House had already touched a nerve with a targeted text campaign that sent deals to customers and tracked their buying behavior at times when they were making decisions regarding meal purchases. Now, it needed a way to keep those customers engaged with mobile strategies to make their shopping experience as convenient as possible.

The Challenge

All businesses face challenges when adapting to the ever-changing technologies that influence their markets. Hen House’s challenges included transitioning to digital coupon offerings in addition to what was available in the newspaper, and reaching people with targeted communications on their smartphones. Hen House also wanted to interact with customers digitally and bring the value of its brand to Millennials who practically live on their smartphones.

“We wanted to make our customers’ app ‘chirp’ and get their attention so that the experience of shopping in our marketplaces would be more fun, engaging, and valuable,” said Zimmerman.

The Solution

Hen House selected Moblico because of its experience working with companies in many industries to increase app engagement and the value of their apps by providing actionable insights, trigger events, and targeted communications to customers. Moblico delivered an app that had the sophistication of a mobile platform with the simplicity of a shopping list, and that delivered a robust mobile marketing strategy that would build upon Hen House’s existing text messaging campaign.

One of the main areas of focus for many businesses is in their deals and specials. To address this, Moblico integrated Hen House’s coupons so that all of its print coupon deals were made available through its mobile app, and added exclusive deals that are only available through the app.

As customers use the app, it learns from the buying behavior to push and text deals to them that are directly relevant to their needs – young families receive deals on kids’ snacks and toiletries while college students receive deals for cheap dinners. Customers who belong to Hen House’s rewards programs can also track their progress towards free products and receive notifications when those products go on sale as well. There are also location-based messages to make customers aware of nearby events, and when people are pulling into the parking lot, they can be pushed notifications of daily specials and limited time offerings at that particular store.

These features work well in conjunction with many product-based business models because they enable your brand to build one-to-one relationships with customers and increase app engagement no matter what you sell.

The Results

Hen House has seen an increase in customer engagement and retention as a result of the implementation of Moblico’s mobile marketing strategy. Its customers are even more loyal to the Hen House brand now that it takes the hard work out of finding the best deals that match their interests. Hen House is also reaching a greater segment of the coveted Millennials market. It accomplishes this through the sophisticated simplicity of an app that’s just a shopping list and yet so much more.

Moblico helps businesses obtain actionable insights about their customers through their mobile devices. This information can be used to create customized experiences that drive revenues, build brand loyalty, and increase engagement.

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