You can design a beautiful app—but if no one ever uses it, and your company doesn’t support it properly, then it will never meet your business goals.  Now is the time to plan for how you’ll support your app—after it launches.

You can do this by building a simple “support plan” for your app.  What should you include in your plan?  Consider these suggestions, from Moblico CEO and Co-Founder, Pierre Barbeau.

Plan for life after launch.

Meet with your company’s key stakeholders, and determine your business goals for this app—just like you would for any new product release.  Ask yourself:  who will use this app?  How will they use it?  What would make it a “success”?

Get everyone on board.

A new app sometimes fails just because the company isn’t ready for it.  Find out which departments will be affected by the app launch, and meet with them to discuss a readiness plan.  Include IT, customer service, marketing, operations, and accounts receivable.

Put new procedures in place.

Once you meet with all the affected departments, make sure they develop procedures in advance to handle the new business from your app.

Create a communications calendar.

Plan to communicate weekly or monthly with each group of target users.  Jot down key messages, delivery dates, and communication method (such as text, or push notification) for each communication.  Use a simple Google calendar, a Word file, or even an Excel file.

Optimize your app with fresh content.

Keep the content fresh—starting immediately after launch.  Plan to switch up products, images, cool functions, rewards, or news at least 1x/quarter.

Measure your usage rate.

Do you know how many users are engaging with your app—and how often?  Check reports weekly.

Get help from a managed service provider.

If you’re too busy to do this all yourself, get help.  A good managed service provider can create a communications plan, refresh your content, monitor engagement—and even execute your rewards program.

Read the full article from Mobile Marketer here.

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