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Ten Things You Can Do Today to Get Started in the Smart Home Market

HVAC contractors come into contact with countless doorbells, light switches, and home appliances. They’re trusted advisors to the customers in their care. So when the time comes for their customers to replace those doorbells with their smart home counterparts, shouldn’t HVAC contractors be the “smartest” choice for the job?

Smart HVAC Contractors Sell Intelligence

By 2022, the company estimates as many as 1.3 billion smart devices will have made their way into households. That factors out to one smart home device for every sixth person (babies and children included).

Introducing a True Delta T ECM Hydronic Heating Appliance

Within the limits of ultimate system functionality, hydronic/mechanical artists can “paint their own canvas” — free to explore greater functionality, performance, and energy efficiency — all the while having the time of our lives (mechanically speaking).

A Package Unit That’s Not Heating

In this troubleshooting situation, the customer has called to report a “no heat” problem. The equipment is a 5-ton, 230 VAC single-stage gas/electric package unit that employs an integrated furnace control and a constant torque blower motor.

Côr: Wi-Fi Thermostats

The devices have integrated support for home automation, allowing users to control the units with their voices.

E360 Forum Covers Refrigerants, Regulations, Refrigeration Trends

In his opening address, Ed McKiernan, president of cold chain, electronics, and solutions at Emerson, discussed how consumer, commercial, and regulatory challenges are all contributing to the demand for a more tightly controlled cold chain.

Installing a Forced-Air Zoning System is Easier Than Ever, Here’s Why…

The question is, “Why are more contractors and or builders not offering this value-add to their clientele?” A couple common responses we hear in the field are, “It’s too complicated,” or “Installing zoning leads to too many call backs.” Sound familiar? The truth is, this used to be the case.

Endress+Hauser: Data Manager

It is able to acquire data from up to 20 HART or universal analog input channels and 14 digital inputs, has two analog outputs and up to 12 relay outputs, and makes its data available to IoT systems and all major automation system architectures via multiple communication interfaces and protocols.

FYI: Dec. 10, 2018

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Lewd Language In the Age of #MeToo

Today, however, it is the intense attention that has been focused on sexual assault and sexual misconduct in the workplace that has brought anything related to sex, including lewd or sexually explicit comments, to the forefront of employer’s legal concerns.

Continental Fan: Duct Fan

When space restrictions prevent the use of in-line duct fans, this product can be as little as 4 inches, providing room to connect appropriate ductwork.

TempMaster: Rooftop Unit

The Smart Equipment-enabled units help expedite startup and commissioning with startup wizards and an array of user-adaptable parameters.

Modine Mfg. Co.: Power Vented Unit Heater

It is the latest addition to the gas-fired power vented unit heater line, which is available in seven models, with sizes ranging from 150,000 to 400,000 Btuh.

Rimrock Corp.: Management Software

Users are now able to manage progress billing for construction projects and inventory stock levels within the system more efficiently.

Trane: Energy Efficient Furnaces

The product eliminates the need for installers to select different furnace models to meet positioning needs, and both will rate with one-stage and two-stage outdoor systems, increasing the system options that can be provided to homeowners.