Cards are everywhere – gift cards, credit cards, debit cards – it’s an awful lot of plastic to be carrying around all the time. Your app users’ consumer behavior is entwined with the cards they use to make purchases, so why not take advantage of this fact to provide a valuable service to them while encouraging enhanced app engagement and driving increased revenues?

The “Mobile Mind Shift” means your customers expect your app to make their lives easier and to help them get what they want immediately, and there are two ways you can achieve this with Moblico’s mobile app marketing platform card services: the Gift Card-Premium module and the Card-Link Services module.

Gift Card-Premium

More than $100 billion is spent on gift cards annually, and 93 percent of U.S. consumers purchase or receive gift cards every year. Obviously, gift cards represent a huge market. It’s most likely that your retail store already offers a gift card. But, what if your customers could purchase, store, use, and send your gift cards through your app?

Let’s say you have a customer who’s a mom that wants to buy a gift card for her daughter at your retail store. She can go into your app, enter the amount for the gift card she wants to purchase, and then send it to her daughter electronically. Her daughter would receive it through your app and could store it there until she’s ready to use it. She can also shop on your in-app storefront and use the card to purchase items, and nobody touched any real, physical plastic the whole time – every step has been managed and tracked electronically.

Card-Link Services 

You can make life easier on your users who purchase items through your store’s app by giving them the option to link their credit or debit card to the app itself. This will allow them to have purchase information fields filled in automatically to save them time whenever they want to buy something. It will also shorten the loyalty loop by letting them immediately apply discounts they’ve received through your loyalty program.

So, let’s say the daughter from the example above has her credit card linked to your app. Not only can she buy items without having to enter her credit card information, but also the points she accumulated as part of your loyalty program by using the gift card are now applied to her credit card purchases resulting in a discount. This way, your app streamlines card services and loyalty for your app user customers, making purchasing items through your app more convenient.

The coolest part is that with both modules, you can track the purchasing behavior of every individual app user to help you plan marketing communications strategies that will motivate them to buy more of the types of items or brands they’ve already purchased, or cross-sell new items with special deals tailored to their interests.

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