A lack of well-defined key performance indicators (KPI’s) and effective user engagement plans tends to hamper in-app marketing efforts. App marketers need comprehensive mobile app analytics to get accurate measures of impact and user behavior. However, app analytics alone are not enough to grow a successful app and reach your business goals. You have to be able analyze your data and take action with it.

Without a complete view of your mobile app analytics, opportunities remain hidden and growth potential is limited. An analytics tool helps you break new ground. It is possible to discover unexpected trends and boost loyalty when you improve the quality of your segmentation and content strategies. The wide range of insights will ultimately lead to increased revenue.

Collecting App Analytics

Every mobile app should have an analytics tool that allows you to measure your key app metrics, ensuring that your important data is always at your fingertips. You should always be looking for more insight into your app user’s experience, including viewed screens and sections where users are leaving the app. It is also important to have access to usage data including revenue tracking (in-app purchases), clicks, downloads, impressions, app log-ins, duration and frequency of visits data. As well as profile information that includes your users’ interests, personas and demographic. This will help inform your business and marketing decisions and enable you grow your business by attracting and converting new users, investors and partners.

Benefits of Analyzing App Data

The data sitting inside your app offers priceless benefits to your business, such as insight into user mobile moments. Your app data gives you a window into your user’s experience from the moment they launch your app and helps you understand their specific wants and needs. This information also helps identify bottlenecks and problems within your app, enabling you to tweak app functionality. Most importantly, you can pinpoint sections of your app that drive valuable conversions or sales, thus enabling you to boost overall revenue.

Using Insights Gained from App Analytics Data

Armed with app user segmentation data, you can devise effective two-way communication strategies through push and in-app messaging. The marketing messages can be composed and targeted to users based on accurate profile and behavioral information. An analytical tool’s capacity to induce mobile app loyalty lies in the finer details, which provide a clearer customer life cycle analysis. Want to unlock your apps full potential? The key is collect, analyze and apply the insights gain from your app analytics data.


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