App-related revenues reached $25 billion in 2013, on their way to an estimated $70 billion in 2017. Once you’ve got an app that engages users and builds relationships between them and your brand, the next question is, “How do I monetize my app to drive increased revenue?” The answer is with managed content.

Moblico’s mobile marketing content management modules make it easy for you to connect with your app users through customized communications and promotions to motivate their spending behavior while adding value to their lives. This way, when they have a “mobile moment” and are using their devices to help them get what they want immediately, you’ll be there with relevant content and deals to enrich their experience. Here’s a breakdown of what the modules are and how to use them to manage mobile content:

Deal Manager – Your digital or retail store’s app can send push, text, and email special deals to user segments based on their registration information, past purchases, and in-app behavior. This way you can create, send, and manage redeemable deals to users that are personalized to their interests. So, if you have a segment that regularly buys a particular brand of jeans, you can identify who they are and reach them with promotions for that brand which they can redeem for a discount or special offer. You can also automate the process to manage itself so you can “set and forget” without constant monitoring.

Media Manager – You can manage and maintain rich media such as video, audio, and digital files in your app so they can be easily integrated into your communications and promotions to capture users’ attention and drive their buying behavior. This lets you support your marketing campaign by engaging app users with media content that’s relevant to their interests. Some examples would include a video about how to fix a leaky faucet on a hardware store’s app, or a video about ways to apply eye shadow on a cosmetics store’s app.

Ad Manager – You can create an entirely new path to monetization by managing advertising and sponsorships within your app. This allows you to drive revenues by programming advertisements to reach segments of your app users automatically with triggers based on their in-app behavior. If you’re a content publisher, you can sell advertising and track its effectiveness by measuring analytics such as click-throughs.

You can also monetize your app with freemium content that users have to pay to access or to make ads disappear. This could be a valuable option because freemium revenue for mobile apps was up 211 percent in 2013. For example, The New York Times monetizes its app by letting you view a certain number of articles for free then requiring a subscription after the limit is reached, and Pandora serves ads to its free users but they can upgrade to no longer receive them.

No matter what you do to monetize your app, managing mobile content to reach the right person at the right time in the right context is the key to driving deep engagement that leads to increased revenues.

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