We are pleased to announce our partnership with Miller Meiers, an award-winning marketing and advertising agency in Kansas City and Lawrence, KS.

Mobile is here. Customers expect to have access to a brand anywhere and at anytime all within the palm of their hands. This mind shift in expectation has sparked two Kansas City-area companies to join forces to provide businesses marketing strategies focused on personalized experiences combined with in-app (marketing to customers within an app) mobile marketing technology.

Miller Meiers, a communication arts agency known for its inspiring interactive and experiential marketing communications strategies, design and technology-based campaigns and Moblico, a mobile relationship management solutions company that has developed a leading-edge in-app mobile platform technology that provides personalized mobile experiences to customers, are partnering to provide companies and agencies alike the expertise to navigate this emerging market.

“Companies can no longer ignore mobility – they must accelerate their mobile strategies and programs to stay relevant with their customers,” said Pierre Barbeau, CEO of Moblico. “In today’s market, a company may have 10,000 customers, but that also means that they potentially have 10,000 expectations to serve, all demanding immediate attention anytime, anywhere. Brands need robust in-app mobile marketing tools to understand and then act on mobility’s who, what, where, when and why in real-time. The days of static apps are over. It’s time marketers get better results from their apps.”

The process that Miller Meiers and Moblico have developed helps a company identify where it is and should be in the mobile landscape, its customers’ mobility readiness, and then designs and engineers the mobile experience that engages its customers.

“Our experience in marketing communications strategy and design combined with Moblico’s advanced mobile platform technology provides companies in the marketplace the highest level of engagement to help them begin to shift focus to the mobile landscape,” said Bob Meiers, President and Chief Creative Officer, Miller Meiers Communication Arts Agency. “Mobile is very much here and will continue to change the way we communicate, behave and interact with each other and companies.”

To learn more, or get started with your mobile strategy, contact Kelley Marsh at Moblico, 913-213-9585, or Kelley@moblico.com or Jana Dawson at Miller Meiers, 785-856-6622, or Jana@millermeiers.com

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