Digital, marketing, and advertising agencies know that their clients need to engage their customers within mobile. According to the book, “The Mobile Mind Shift” by Forrester Research, “By 2017, 2.5 billion people will own smartphones and 905 million people will use tablets at home and work – nearly three times as many as in 2013.” The book also says that customers have come to expect that they can get what they want in their immediate moment of need, and that these instances are called, “mobile moments.” Mobile marketing creates opportunities for app publishers to connect with customers during these moments when they have an immediate desire for products, services, and information.

So why does this matter to agencies? Because they can use a mobile marketing platform to empower the mobile apps they create and manage for their clients to deliver the right message, content and service to the right person, at the right time and at the right place. Here are some of the benefits of using a mobile app marketing platform for digital, marketing, and advertising agencies:

Increased understanding of target audiences to create compelling communications via end user data

Imagine if your clients could understand everything about their app-user audiences including who they are, what they do with the app, where they are, when they use the app, and why they use the app. You could use this data on behalf of a client to segment target audiences and create messages that are relevant and emotionally compelling to drive entire marketing campaigns, not just mobile marketing strategies. This is the kind of research you just can’t get from a survey or a focus group.

Then, you could create triggers based on how your clients’ app users engage with the app to send them in-app messages, push notifications, and targeted emails with relevant information. You could also monitor analytics to produce reports on ROI for your mobile marketing campaigns.

Differentiation from competitors and other mobile marketing companies

There are tons of great mobile push message marketing companies out there. But how many of them utilize a mobile marketing platform to personalize content and empower the apps they manage to drive transactions for their clients? Using a mobile marketing platform that helps clients use their apps to increase sales and enhance branding is a way for you to differentiate while achieving business objectives. The result will be growing audiences for clients and increasing the ROI of their mobile marketing campaigns.

VML, a large, international digital marketing agency saw the benefits of using a mobile marketing platform to gather data about its clients’ app users in order to build relationships with them. It did this by capturing user data to build user profiles; creating content and media communications strategies to resonate with users; nurturing user engagement through social media with loyalty rewards, gamification, and push notifications based on behavioral triggers; and growing app monetization by upselling, cross-selling, and driving increased usage. While their competitors just build and manage apps, this agency created in-app ecosystems where their clients’ customers live, work, and play.

Additional ways to add value to clients

Like any professional service, marketing agencies are paid to add value to their clients. With a mobile app marketing platform, agencies can provide another service to enrich their client relationships and increase their involvement in their clients’ success. Some of the additional options they can use to drive ROI for clients during marketing campaigns include app analytics, customizing communication and content, and creating a truly unique brand experience with personalized rewards, deals, games, and location-based notifications.

Between helping your clients understand as much as possible about their customers, differentiating your agency from your competition, and creating additional opportunities to add value to clients, the benefits for using a mobile app marketing platform for agencies are clear.


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