Here at Moblico Solutions we have been focusing on developing partnerships and clients that are ready to take advantage of the full breadth of our capabilities. To highlight this, recently, Moblico CEO Pierre Barbeau was interviewed by Kansas City Business Journal Web Producer Leslie Collins. The focus of the interview was Moblico’s recent contract with ARG and how our focus on retail service clients is part of how Moblico is growing.
Here are few excerpts From the KC Business Journal article:

Moblico’s latest client win already is driving growth opportunities. The Kansas City-based technology company, which spun out of DST Systems Inc. in 2013, signed a contract with Tennessee-based Alliance Retail Group to develop a consumer app and integrate its data-driven marketing platform for apps.

ARG, a marketing and advertising cooperative for independent supermarkets, represents about 700 stores in 20 states. Those stores include 150 different brands, such as IGA, Country Mart and Piggly Wiggly. It also has ties to Kansas City, Kan., since its customers are supplied by Associated Wholesale Grocers.

ARG President Joe Wolf said he was impressed with Moblico’s vision and commitment to its product and its ability to customize solutions for ARG.

“Our goal is to continue to reach our shoppers with new technology means. Obviously, the business is changing. People don’t read print (media) as much as they used to. Everything’s moving to digital, so we’ve got to find the right tools and partners to help us reach our shoppers digitally, and that’s where Moblico comes in,” Wolf said. “We’re rolling out an app for our supermarkets to allow their shoppers to engage with stores via the app with special offers and deals, and (for us to) understand the buying habits of those shoppers and then reward them accordingly.”

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