A new study of US consumers of 1,050 smartphone and tablet users aged 13-65 reveals consumers are willing to share personal information with their preferred app providers and those companies with whom they already have an existing relationship to improve their engagement with that company.

Almost half of consumers will share personal details and opt-in to receive relevant, targeted, personalized communication and information from companies they trust, as long as it is clear why it is in their benefit to do so. The majority of consumers who receive personalized communication and information are satisfied or very satisfied with the experience. These are the key lessons from an in-depth study of consumer attitudes to privacy, permission and personalization, conducted by mCordis and Moblico.

Mobile marketers have access to the tools provided by companies like Moblico that can create a truly unique and personalized user experience with their customers.  The personalization strategies that have been utilized in other direct marketing channels for years are just now coming to the forefront of the mobile industry. Yet, many mobile technology firms are not taking advantage the opportunity to leverage the data they already have or could obtain about their customers to truly engage them.

“This survey reveals that people are open to personalization in the app experience and are open to sharing information if they trust the app provider and/or believe that sharing information will lead to a better customer experience”, said Michael Becker, Managing Partner at mCordis, a mobile advisory and education firm. “Surprisingly, however, just half of respondents indicated that they have been asked to provide some level of personal information by their app providers. This leaves the door wide open for marketers to do a better job.”

“It’s increasingly imperative for digital and mobile marketers to understand the preferences of the app user when marketing to them,” said Pierre Barbeau, CEO and Co-Founder of Moblico, an in-app marketing platform. “What we learned from this study is that consumers of all age groups are open to sharing their personal information—but only if they trust an app, and only if they feel rewarded for doing so.”

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This study was underwritten by Moblico and Alliance Harsha Advertising.

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