Easy access to accurate information

Easy access to accurate information

This Moblico case study, demonstrates Briefcase2Go providing the DuPont sales team with immediate access to up-to-date and accurate information to keep the staff engaged.

Sales Team Always “On the Go”

Hilary Winn, a Marketing Communications Manager at DuPont Crop Protection, was looking for ways to better support her sales team out in the field.  At the time, she had 2 challenges:  the team is always “on the go,” working in a variety of locations coast-to-coast across the U.S., with very little “desk time.”  Plus, their marketing literature was housed in multiple different locations on the company website—and she wanted to give sales staff a quicker way to find the most current versions.  Also, marketing materials at DuPont change frequently—depending on new scientific discoveries, government regulations, or agronomic research data—so sharing the most accurate version of each document was critical.

Ready in a Few Weeks

Winn worked with Moblico to customize their Briefcase2Go app with the most current versions of their brochures, PPTs, research data, and videos—so sales staff could easily display these on-the-spot to customers in the field.  In only a few weeks, Moblico customized the app interface to all of DuPont’s specific document categories—like potatoes, cereals, tree nuts—then linked them to multiple intranet systems that housed the current versions of internal docs.

Accurate Sales Info Instantly

Now, when someone poses a question to the sales team at DuPont Crop Protection out in the field—such as, “When is the safest time to apply pest protection?”— the salesperson has the most current, scientifically accurate, legally approved answer at their fingertips — whether they’re in Idaho or Georgia.  Rather than hunting through the corporate website for the correct info, the salesperson now just pulls out their iPad and automatically displays the correct video or brochure to the customer — while Hilary is confident that every person on her team is using the correct, most up-to-date version.




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November 21, 2016

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