Loyalty rewards at the pump

Loyalty rewards at the pump

The Royal Loyal Mobile App

Babir Sultan came to America from Pakistan in 2001 in search of the American dream. He founded his first gas station, FavTrip, in Missouri in 2006—but quickly realized how difficult it was to compete with larger chains, such as QuikTrip and BP. In search of a competitive advantage, he developed a basic mobile app called Royal Loyal to generate repeat business—and create long-term loyalty with customers.

75% of Revenue—Inside Store Sales

However, because gas stations actually earn very little revenue from gas sales—75% of Sultan’s revenue comes from inside store sales, not gas—he realized he needed to beef up the app to provide age-appropriate deals and offers on bigger-ticket store items, such as beverages, snacks, and t-shirts.

On-the-Spot Offers with iBeacon

Moblico partnered with Sultan to enhance the app’s capabilities, adding geosensing capability, text marketing, and Facebook sign-in. New iBeacon technology can even give customers on-the-spot coupons as they walk by a particular item on the shelf. For example, if a customer is lingering over a tshirt, a Bluetooth chip on the shelf can “wake up” the app on their smartphone and offer 30% off that shirt—on the spot.

Now Available to 12,000 Retailers

Today, the Royal Loyal mobile app and platform not only helps Sultan’s stores—but is available to other independent convenience and gas retailers across the U.S. through a new deal with ePay. Now 12,000 “mom and pop” retailers will finally have the opportunity to compete with the big box retailers in their field—using this mobile platform.


Royal Loyal


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November 21, 2016

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