Mobile platform boosts opt-in rate to 52%

Mobile platform boosts opt-in rate to 52%

Québec’s Premier Indoor Golf Facility

Golf18 is an indoor golf complex located in Québec. It’s a virtual, simulated golf experience that mimics the play at such famous locales as Pebble Beach, the Tournament Players Club at Sawgrass, and Spyglass Hill—which is perfect for the cold climate and short summer seasons in Québec. At Golf18, you can rent clubs with your friends and hit a real golf ball onto a virtual screen that tracks your play–while enjoying food and drinks.

Creating Repeat Business

The owners of Golf18 were looking for a new way to earn customer loyalty by creating repeat business. They also wanted a better way to understand their customers’ buying behavior. Knowing there is heavy competition for indoor sports and entertainment dollars in the Québec area, they decided to invest in a mobile app and platform to improve their relationships with customers.

Entirely in French Language

Moblico partnered with Golf18 to develop a smartphone app and platform in French that would allow customers to make reservations, sign up for indoor tournaments, and win rewards. Now, customers earn points every time they play golf or buy food and drinks at the company’s concession stands and restaurants. In fact, a single food offer earned the company a 188% clickthrough rate (CTR). The more customers play and buy, the more rewards they earn.

Earning Customer Loyalty

Now Golf18 can modify their events, scheduling, and menus to consumer tastes—using real-time data feedback about their customers’ behavior. They can instantly see which events and purchase items are the most popular, based on consumer choice. And they can reward their best customers, bringing them back again and again for repeat business.


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November 25, 2016

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