New Revenue Stream from Mobile

ePay, a division of Euronet Worldwide, Inc., is a global prepaid distribution network. They help retailers and mobile phone carriers sell gift cards, mobile top-up, and digital content. Although their business model has been very successful overall, they wanted to add a new revenue stream by
leveraging mobile services.

Incentives + Loyalty Rewards

ePay didn’t just want to offer a mobile prepaid purchasing option—they wanted to offer incentives and loyalty rewards. Moblico’s robust platform gave them a way to create beneficial add-ons to what is normally a minor transaction. By taking a “white label” approach, ePay plugged into Moblico’s app to allow retailers and consumers to top-up their cards.

Personalized Deals for Retailers

ePay‘s retailers could now create points-based loyalty programs, offer personalized deals, encourage add-on purchases, or suggest new items to buy. For example, convenience stores could now offer beverage discounts if a consumer buys 20 phone minutes. Better yet, carriers could send users low-balance alerts and offer incentives for purchasing more text messages within the next 1 hour.

Increased Add-On Purchases

ePay can now offer its customers a direct value-add channel that generates both loyalty and revenue, boosting the relationship between the retailer (or carrier) and consumer. Customers are happy—because they can finally personalize their mobile channel, based on their unique needs. Retailers are happy—because they have better control over the sales process. The result? A transformation in ePay’s entire way of doing business.

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