Mobile strategy for making grocery shopping fun and engaging

Mobile strategy for making grocery shopping fun and engaging

Keeping Customers Engaged

Neighborhood market chain Hen House wanted to create a mobile app marketing strategy that was totally unique in the marketplace—and would bring in more millenial customers. They already used a targeted text campaign that sent deals to customers and tracked buying behavior. Now, they wanted a mobile strategy to engage those same clients—and give them a fun, rewarding grocery shopping experience.

Making Shopping Convenient

Moblico set out to increase the engagement and value of their apps by adding actionable insights, trigger events, and targeted communications. They developed an app with the simplicity of a shopping list—and the robustness of a complete mobile platform—to expand Hen House’s existing text messaging campaign. They also integrated the store’s coupons and added exclusive deals, available only through the app.

Bringing the Brand to Millennials

As customers use the app, it learns their buying behavior to push and text deals to them that are directly relevant to their needs—whether it’s kids’ snacks and toiletries for a family, or cheap dinners for college students. Customers in the Hen House rewards program can track progress toward free products, and receive notifications when these products go on sale. They can even receive push notifications of daily specials, limited-time offers, and nearby events as they drive into the parking lot.

Better 1-on-1 with Customers

Since implementing Moblico’s mobile marketing strategy, Hen House has seen a distinct increase in customer engagement and retention. Customers are now more loyal to the Hen House brand because it’s easier to find deals that match their interests. And they are reaching a greater segment of the coveted millennials market, who live on their smartphones.


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November 25, 2016

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