Tamron USA is a global manufacturer of optical equipment that offers premium quality products for many different industries. Consumers who purchase Tamron lenses are making a serious investment in their craft and therefore, Tamron was looking for a way to create ongoing connections with their customers. At a time when mobile was just beginning to emerge as a business engagement opportunity, Tamron called upon Moblico.

How Moblico Brought Mobile into Focus – Pioneers of a New Engagement Vesseltamron2

Moblico offers a comprehensive mobile engagement, loyalty and monetization platform. Because Tamron sells to what they term “high-end hobbyists,” the company has always worked to continuously provide materials that supported the purchaser. in 2010, Tamron tasked Moblico with developing channels via mobile that offered broader opportunities to reach Tamron customers. Mobile marketing for manufacturers was still in its infancy at that time, and Tamron recognized that Moblico was the right provider to creatively and effectively help them pioneer this new engagement vessel.

Tamron relies on retailers to sell its products, so the company positioned the mobile as a value-add for retailers to offers consumers who purchase Tamron products. Moblico developed Apple and Android apps, as well as a comprehensive mobile web initiative. The second stage of development then included Google Play and social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The mobile outlets provide multiple convenient options for consumers to access important materials and support including warranty information, manuals, exclusive deals, biweekly newsletters, surveys, and user forums.

Straight From the Client

“Moblico designed and built our entire mobile business channel from scratch,” said Stacie Errera, Chief Marketing Officer, Tamron USA, Inc. “At the time, mobile was pretty much unheard of in terms of our industry segment. Moblico helped up pioneer what is now a standard business practice. Mobile is such an integral part of our company strategy, and the dashboard Moblico designed for us is incredibly crucial. We are able to monitor and analyze effectiveness, as well as make changes or deploy new ideas on the fly.”

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