21,000 Grocery Stores Facing a Crisis

In the U.S. today, 57% of all grocery stores are independently owned.  But these independent stores are facing a crisis:  mega-stores like Walmart and online grocers like Amazon are capturing significant market share through their sophisticated digital CRM and mobile technologies. Independent grocers are struggling to transition from print to digital marketing, and need new digital solutions to compete with major chains.

Entering the Digital Marketplace

In order to compete with larger grocery and retail chains, Moblico helps companies to:

  1. Understand customers better—digitally.  This can be accomplished by collecting data from customers’ past purchases, store and website visits to learn their preferences and purchase history.
  2. Create apps for customers to interact with.  Make it easy for customers to find/buy their favorite products, access offers and remote order.
  3. Connect the app to in-house marketing systems.  Seamless integration.
  4. Create a digital communications strategy.  Focus it around customer’s digital profile.
  5. Send out highly personalized special offers and communications.  Increase spend at your store, and get customers to visit more often.

Benefits to “Going Mobile”

  • Helps smaller, independent groceries and retail stores compete against mega-chains (like Target, Walmart, Kroger).
  • Creates new revenue streams through digital sponsorships.
  • Builds brand loyalty with personalized offers and reward programs.
  • Reaches a new audience of younger shoppers that don’t read newspaper circulars.
  • Makes it easier to buy favorite products for customers.
  • Offers better shopping experience for customers in-store, with fun new tools—like automated grocery lists and digital coupons.
  • Increases in-store spend with highly personalized offers, delivered on the spot.

Mobile Solutions That Work in Grocery

  • Digital coupons—customers clip and redeem coupons for 100’s of products entirely through their smartphone, so it deducts automatically at the cash register
  • Mobile app—offers 4 great functions to keep customers coming back:
    • Weekly ads—viewable by smartphone
    • Store locator—find the nearest store location
    • Grocery list—add items to your shopping list all week long
    • Recipe list—recipe items automatically integrate with grocery list
  • Data segmentation—collect information on customers’ purchases by using an enhanced platform, then segment that data to understand which products they love
  • Personalized content marketing—create loyalty reward programs that entice customers with prizes and special offers
  • Beacon technology—use strategically placed beacons in the store (such as entry, center aisle, meat dept.) to send personalized push notifications about favorite products to a customer’s smartphone
  • Digital sponsorships—digital ads on a mobile app can now be selected and personalized to a customer’s purchasing history and product preferences in the:
    • Full-page sponsor image—interstitial ad when you first open app
    • Promo ad—rotating product ads
    • Banner ad—on different pages of the mobile app

Contact us to learn more about how mobile solutions can help benefit your independent or franchise retail operation.