These days, it seems like there is an app for EVERYTHING. So why would a business or organization want to create another one? Good question.

Our answer: Because you need to give your workforce the information they need to get their job done.

Instead of waiting for employees to gather the information they need, businesses are now looking to meet their employees where they are, i.e. on their mobile devices.  By implementing their own internal mobile apps, businesses are able to communicate to their organization in real-time. As a result, companies are seeing increased productivity, quicker process adoption and improved efficiency.

Do you see why the enterprise mobile app development market is ready to explode? Enterprises and organizations are flocking to mobile solutions to manage their businesses. One thing to keep in mind before you build or purchase an enterprise app, is to make sure the application has the features your business needs to thrive.

App Features That Make Enterprise Management Easy

Communication Services

With in-app communications, your company can deliver messages with unprecedented speed and timeliness. If you are trying to implement a mobile first strategy, what better way is there to communicate important, urgent or work related piece of information, than by sending a notification to their mobile lock screen?

There are also business situations that call for one-way communication. If there is a time sensitive announcement or emergency situation, there is often a group of individuals or teams that need to be notified as soon as possible. Whether you need to announce a new product launch, issue a weather alert to your fleet of drivers or communicate a system maintenance issue, an enterprise app gives you the ability to create, send and track customized in-app messages to your employees.

Location-Based Services

When you are busy running a business it’s hard to keep track of employee productivity. It is even harder when you are managing a mobile or remote workforce.  Geolocation technology can tell you where your employees are, where they’ve been and where they’re going next.  This geolocation data can make your business more efficient through smarter dispatching, which should result in faster driving routes, better customer service and fuel savings.

Geolocation services can also help you communicate with your workforce by location.  For example, an athletic wear company could customize location-specific sale and product information for their retail stores. In Florida, they might send swimwear collateral and rock climbing gear information to their locations in Colorado. An enterprise app with these services let’s you make those decisions on a per user basis.

In-App Analytics

No matter what type of enterprise app solution you choose, one rule is constant. A successful app must be deeply integrated with the data you collect.  Get a 360 view of how your employees are using your app, where they are utilizing it and when they are engaging with it. This will enable you to not only optimize your app but your business as a whole.

Building an app that doesn’t make your employees’ lives easier will only get in the way and be a waste of time and money. Focus on building an app that makes  a difference in how your business functions and empowers you with actionable data.

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