Most consumers do not delete mobile apps. In fact, once an app is on a mobile device—whether it’s an iPhone, Android, or tablet—it’s likely to stay there awhile.

According to the results of our study, Consumer Attitudes to Privacy, Permission, and Personalization, published in June 2015, only 32% of users in every age demographic have deleted an app in the past 60 days. In other words, 68% have not.

The most commonly deleted apps? Gaming (17%), social media (7%), and retail (7%).

So what does that mean for app developers and mobile marketers? Even if a mobile app is totally unused, you can still leverage it to offer deals, coupons, and push notifications to entice consumers to engage with your app. And engagement is the key to return on investment (ROI).

Here are the top 4 reasons why users delete mobile apps:

Reason #1—Non-usage.

This applies especially to retail and gaming apps. If they’re not using it, users are more likely to delete it.

Reason #2—Found a better app.

Finding a better app was the most critical reason for apps in the retail, health and fitness, informational, and finance/investing categories.

Reason #3—App no longer meets their needs.

It’s interesting to note that overall, Millennials are by far more likely to delete an app than any other consumer group segment—especially when the mobile app no longer meets their needs. So were Asian-Americans (with the White/Caucasian group being the least likely to delete an app).

Reason #4—Privacy and security issues.

Surprisingly, privacy and security issues were the least commonly cited reason for deleting an app—and were more of a concern from those deleting banking, credit, and finance apps.

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