If you’re getting ready to launch or develop a new app, then you want to get the best possible value out of your investment—especially since many companies spend anywhere between $50,000 and $1 million on developing a new app, according to Kinvey’s State of Enterprise Mobility survey, published in 2014.

So what are the biggest challenges businesses face—when developing and delivering a new app?  Here are the most common issues we see when helping clients to maximize their return on investment:

#1—Identifying your business goals.

Time and again, companies fail to define their goals before starting app development.  It’s important to decide as early as possible whether you want to:

  • Increase sponsorship revenues
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Get customers into your store
  • Generate new sales

#2—Figuring out what your customer wants in an app.

Before you even begin design, it’s important to understand what your customers actually want to do with your app.  What are they interested in?  Do they want freebies?  Deals?  Coupons?  Entertainment?  Insider info?  Study them, talk to them, ask them questions about how your app will improve their lives.  Don’t just replicate your website in an app, which is a common mistake.

#3—Planning for post-launch communications.

Many businesses spend so much time and money developing the app itself, they forget all about what happens after launch.  But this is the most critical part of building relationships with your customers.  You not only need to announce that the app is available, but you need to create a comprehensive 12-month communications plan that interacts with your users at least 1x/week through texts, push notifications, special offers, and alerts.

#4—Creating fresh, new content.

Boring, stale content is a killer in the apps world.  Be prepared to change your content, message delivery, even design—at least 4x/year.

#5—Learning what excites users most about your app.

Where do your users spend the most time in your app?  And—who uses it most frequently?  Your mobile platform (the back-end piece of technology that keeps your app running) should have detailed reports that tell you this information.  Find out which content (or products) excite your users most, and invest your time and energy in developing new content and targeted special offers for that content and customer profile.

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