Behind every great mobile app is an excellent mobile marketing platform—and you’ll need both to be successful in the mobile marketplace.

If you’re in the process of developing a new app, launching an app, reworking an app, or just planning for one, then don’t miss out on an important part of the system that most people fail to consider: the marketing platform.

What Is a Mobile Marketing Platform?

A mobile marketing platform is the back-end technology that you’ll need to control and monitor your app once it’s fully developed. More importantly, you’ll use this technology to communicate with your end users after the app launches. It’s almost important as the app itself in determining the long-term success of your app, because it’s where you control your content and messaging.

Why Do I Need a Mobile Marketing Platform?

A mobile marketing platform controls and monitors the app, so that you can communicate with your customers, monitor their buying behavior, and change your content. All of those functions are critical to building long-term relationships with your customers, and guaranteeing the success of your app.

What Awesome Things Can a Mobile Marketing Platform Do?

A good mobile marketing platform should be able to:

• Add or update content
• Update products and pricing
• Create rewards programs
• Communicate with your users
• Run special deals and promotions
• Promote sponsor offers
• Manage user sign-ins
• Run marketing campaigns
• Track user purchases and behavior
• Run reports on users or sponsors

Where Do I Get a Mobile Marketing Platform?

Your app development firm may already have a platform they use—or can recommend. If not, you can always buy one off-the-shelf that can be easily configured to your app—and that you can control from a tablet, smartphone, PC, or laptop.

What Should I Look for—If I Have to Buy a Mobile Marketing Platform?

If you need to buy a separate mobile marketing platform, make sure that it’s easy for you to use, and can be configured successfully to work with your mobile app. You’ll also want to look for these capabilities:

• Easy-to-use control panel
• Robust reporting
• Detailed customer demographics
• Flexible communications capabilities
• Contextually targeted delivery of content

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