For marketers, a mobile content management system (CMS) is the most effective tool in your mobile toolbox. A mobile CMS is a program that allows someone with a non-technical background to publish, edit and modify a mobile app from a single platform. Today, a mobile CMS is essential for any organization who wants to grow their business and improve the relationships they have between their customers, smartphones and themselves.

Mobile CMS platforms were first created to connect businesses to their consumers through games, text messaging, news and other related content. But new, sophisticated systems are now providing enterprise mobility and connecting businesses to other businesses and employees by providing timely information and functionality to their business partners and mobile workforces.

If you’re currently managing an app without a mobile CMS solution, you may be asking yourself, “Why would I need a mobile CMS?” Here are a few scenarios where a mobile CMS comes in handy when managing your app’s content.

The people managing content on your app want to be self-sufficient

In many organizations, the marketing team owns the content of the app. In order for them to keep up in the competitive app market they need to be nimble and agile. The last thing they need are barriers and obstacles that prevent them from making content updates quickly and effortlessly.

Organizations not using a mobile CMS normally have to have their app updates managed by mobile developers. A request to change a single word on a single page could take hours or days to be completed. With a mobile CMS, the marketing team no longer has to rely on their product engineers.

Your app downloads are increasing and you’re concerned about app performance

It’s a great situation to be in, but a challenge nonetheless: application downloads and users are increasing. But who are they? What are they doing in your app? Where are they utilizing it and how?

To figure this out you will need a mobile marketing backend that provides in-app analytics. The best mobile CMS systems integrate their analytics with a mobile CRM that allows you to segment users and trigger automated marketing messages based on the collected data. Without this insight it is extremely difficult to plan, execute and measure your in-app marketing strategy.

You want to improve your apps content

Your app looked fine when you had 50 users, but now you have 5,000. Your users expect more from your app. If your app doesn’t provide the experience your target user expects, you can lose credibility and future business.

You can always call app developer and they can assemble a six-figure proposal to re-imagine your app. Or you could deploy a mobile CMS solution. With minimal effort, you can enhance the look and feel of your site, manage your content and target it to specific users.

You’re losing users because they can’t find what they’re looking for

As much as you like to think that your content is super-intuitively organized, many times, your users can’t find what they’re looking for. What happens if your users can’t find the information they want? That’s right, they leave.

You want the ability adjust and add new features and rewards to keep your users coming back for more. With a mobile CMS you can quickly add complex user features to take your app to the next level. Just like WordPress and other popular web CMS platforms, a mobile CMS system will allow you to plug in ready-to-go app modules that can integrate beacons, push messaging communications, gift cards, rewards and more to increase your user app loyalty.

Don’t let mobile content management limitations dictate your mobile app marketing strategy. Take advantage of the full spectrum of mobile strategy options with Moblico’s mobile app CMS platform.

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