Wisconsin Lutheran College prides itself on both cultivating the leadership skills of its students and consistently weaving a strong sense of community. With those two very important values in mind, WLC knew that simply regurgitating mobile website content into a mobile app was not going to be enough. WLC wanted to strengthen support, attendance, and engagement– especially when it came to athletic events. In particular, the school really wanted to use its mobile app as a reward system for athletic program fans. Because WLC needed a mobile solutions provider that could support and respond to the college’s values and culture, it called upon Moblico.

How Moblico Helped WLC Scorewlc2

Moblico offers a comprehensive mobile engagement, loyalty and monetization platform. With absolutely no mobile efforts in place, WLC needed Moblico to build a custom mobile program from the ground up. Moblico assisted WLC with creating the WLC Warriors Mobile App which launched in October of 2012 for iPhone and Android devices.

The app was designed to create a loyalty program that provided a variety of engagement channels including QR code scanning, short codes and location-based communications. The core concept was to get fans to accumulate points by attending games and participating in related activities. For example, WLC set a benchmark of 100 points for a fan who checked in at a home-based event via a QR code. Throughout the game there were a variety of in-venue activities that enabled fans to participate and earn more points. The fan could then go to the Pro Shop and redeem the points for sweatshirts and other Warriors-themed items.

The WLC Warriors app’s intuitive analytics enabled the school to track progress and successes, thus empowering WLC to modify and build upon the programs. Additionally, the app is able to easily adapt and change based on the evolving needs of both the fans and the school. The app consistently demonstrates very detailed ROI, enabling sponsors and participants to make solid marketing decisions and investments.

Straight from the Client

“We’ve been working with Moblico for well over a year now and the entire experience has been a success,” said Bill Curtis Director of Athletic Development and Head Softball Coach at Wisconsin Lutheran College. “We have learned a tremendous amount about our fans thanks to Moblico’s engagement and loyalty platform. In fact, this has developed into such a core part of the WLC athletics experience, we are actually rolling out campus-wide mobile initiatives with Moblico at the end of January 2014. Students, staff, alumni, parents, and the general WLC community are going to benefit from it.”

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